PhD Student at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Research Unit Potsdam   2012-2015
Conducted research toward the completion of the PhD requirements of three publications. Participated in two expeditions to the Yukon Coast. Performed field reserach involving shallow seismic, and an interferometric side scan sonar. Utilized remote sensing techniques to assess shoreline change and susceptibility to flooding. Performed laboratory analyses to determine grain size distributions, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur content, stable carbon isotope ratios, and total organic carbon.    
Research Analyst, Coastal Marine and Geospatial Lab, Harte Research Institute forGulf of Mexico Studies
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Conducted research and prepared deliverables for research projects primarily involving coastal morphodynamics. Coordinated activities and managed research projects of the Coastal and Marine Geospatial Lab. Conduct eld research. Maintaied geospatial databases, and performed data analyses. Prepared reports and presentations. Assisted in the preparation of proposals and scientic manuscripts.    
Graduate Research Assistant, Coastal Marine and Geospatial Lab, Harte Research Institute forGulf of Mexico Studies
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Conducted research as part of thesis requirements. Thesis project focused on accretion rates in wetlands fringing the bay shore of Mustang Island, Texas utilizing a variety of field and laboratory techniques including sediment core retrieval, geodetic GPS positioning, Cs-137 geochronology, grain size analysis. Implemented a separate project in which a permanent transect for monitoring environmental change in estuarine wetlands. Assisted shoreline change studies in south Texas; Assisted in the assessment    
Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Department of Science and Technlology   2008-2010
Taught lab portions of introductory geology classes and helped develop teaching exercises utilizing modern visualization technologies.of geomorphologic impact of hurricanes Ike and Katrina.    
Research Assitant, University of South Florida, Coastal Research Lab   2003-2008
Participated in geologic eld and lab investigations of coastal dynamics. Projects included shoreline monitoring; bathymetric mapping; studies utilizing ground penetrating radar, and various sedimentologic and coring techniques used to investigate hurricane impacts, tidal inlet and river sedimentation, GIS.    
Research Assistant, GeoView, Inc. Tampa, FL   2003-2003
Carried out utility location using ground penetrating radar and utility locator; participated in cross-hole seismic investigations and borehole deviation surveys.